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Mobile Banking 
Got a "smartphone" ? Now you can do your personal banking on it!  You can sign up for this service through the online banking page under the "user options" tab.  All you'll need is your 6 digit account number & 4 digit PIN.  Let us know how you like it! 
Make a payment to another person directly with ZASH PAY through your online banking.  It's fast, efficient & easy!  Let us help you with your first transaction today!! 
Online Bill Pay 
This product will free up time and save you cost on check orders and postage!  You have unlimited access  and transactions.  And, it's FREE!!  Ask one of the staff today to get you started! 
Wire Transfers 
Incoming (Domestic and Foreign Wires) 
Funds can be wired into your account from anywhere in the world. Please check with Lori, Julie, Kelly or Cindy for incoming wire instructions.  Please call us for fees and cutoff times, 319-394-3191. 
Outgoing (Domestic and Foreign Wires) 
We can efficiently wire money for you to anywhere in the United States or around the world. Experienced correspondent banks will provide us with good service. Sending your wire early in the day should ensure that your domestic wire reaches its destination before the end of the business day. International wires may take longer to clear and can take up to a week to reach their destination. Call and talk to Lori, Julie, Kelly or Cindy about wiring details.  Please call us for fees and cutoff times, 319.394.3191
Cashier's Check 
You can purchase cashier's checks at both bank locations. They are economical and a widely accepted form of payment. Sometimes the payee will not accept your personal check, so a cashier's check is an acceptable alternative. Please call us for fees at 319.394.3191
Certified Checks 
Certified Checks can be obtained at the bank. 
Check Orders 
You can order high quality checks from Main Street Checks at either bank location by talking with the teller. You can also call the bank and order over the phone.  
QCBT Credit Card Applications 
The bank offers a variety of credit card plans for individuals and businesses. They are available through QCBT card services. Applications are available at either bank facility. Stop in today to pickup a credit application and start enjoying the benefits of a credit card account. 

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